Vauxhall Vectra B - Now Accepted by the


The Club are very pleased announce that the Vauxhall Vectra B has been accepted into the Club as an an associated model. So if you have a Vectra B you are most welcome to join the club.

The Cavalier and Chevette Club is a vibrant Club that caters for owners, enthusiasts and restorers of all models of the Cavalier,

Chevette, Chevanne, Vectra B, Calibra and the equivelent Opel models Ascona B, C, Manta B and Kadett C.

Cadet Membership - for the Next


Cadet Membership has been created so that younger people with an interest in the Vauxhall Chevette, Vauxhall Cavalier and associated models can get involved in the club. Click here for more details.

Cavalier Mk2 SRi- Chairmans Cup Entry

2021 VBOA National

Our Chairman’s Cup entry at the VBOA National 2021 was Mark Westwoods Cavalier Mk2 SRi.
Welcome to the Cavalier and Chevette Club
Your friendly Vauxhall - Opel Club since 1994

Relive Luton’s heyday at The Mall Luton

for 40 Years of the Cavalier Mk2

The Club will have two Cavalier Mk2’s in The Mall hopping Centre Luton on 23rd September 2021 celebrating 40 Years of the Cavalier Mk2.

Silverstone Classic 2021 - Track Parade

See the Club take part in the Birthday Track parade at the 2021 event. Celebrating 40 Years of Cavalier Mk2 Click here to read a report on the 2019 event.
Kevin Bricknall Chairman of the Cavalier and Chevette Club
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