Cavalier Mk1 Coupe

1975 to 1981
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At launch the Cavalier Mk1 Coupe was available with a 1.9 engine in GL trim and the GLS. The interior was finished in cloth trim and the seats and door pads were either in black, beige, blue or red. In July 1976, the Engineering Department at Luton fitted two Cavalier Coupe models with the 2.3 litre slant four engine, one was a twin carburettor the other had a fuel injection version which was developed for the VX4-90. The project was fully evaluated but never progressed any further. In June of 1978, the 1.9 engine was upgrade to the 2.0 100bhp engine. In 1979 the Coupe was dropped from the Cavalier Mk1 range being replaced by the Sportshatch.
Opel had been working on the U-Car project prior to Vauxhall joining the program, these are two mock-ups from 1973 for the U-Car Coupe.
The Vauxhall proposed style rear end. In the end neither Opel or Vauxhall used this.
Cavalier 1.9 GL Coupe on the beach at Black Rock Sands in Wales.