Cavalier Mk2 Calibre

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The last Cavalier Mk2 to be produced was the Cavalier Calibre. Based on the SRi130 with styling from Aston Martin/Tickford and the body kit, sports suspension and exhaust being produced by Irmscher, it was a limited production run of only 500 cars. The idea of the Calibre came during the run out of the Cavalier Mk2. Vauxhall/Opel had surplus Saloon body shells which they had to move. Irmscher UK were involved with fitting along with Tickford the car came with a very high specification including a trip computer, recaro seats, power windows and power steering. It cost around £13,000 when released in 1987. This model differed slightly in Germany where it was sold as the Ascona Sprint. The differences where that it came with an Irmscher Steering wheel, whereas in the UK the Calibre had the standard Cavalier wheel. The seats were Rally Twill whereas the Calibre had Chicago velour trim. And it was also available in Polar White and Astro Silver along with the Carmine Red. The Calibre was just available in Carmine Red. There were also light differences in engines in Germany as the Sprint started with the 20NE then went to the C20NE and 20SEH. To cause even more confusion the car was also available in Switzerland where it was not badged Sprint but i200, the reason for this was that a model using the Sprint name was already on sale. The specification and colours were the same as the Sprint but the i200 had the following additions Fog Headlights, height adjustability on the driver’s seat, the 2.0i (C20NE) engine had a catalytic converter and tinted glass. There are believed to be 1399 Ascona Sprints produced and 879 Ascona i200’.