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Cavalier Mk3 N54 UKW - The Last Ever Cavalier Mk3

This is a photo the previous owner sent Claire of the day she was collected by the scrap dealer having suffered a blown engine (apparently efforts had been made to get her re-homed, but none of the Vauxhall Clubs contacted at the time showed any interest in her). Collection day in May 2008 - she was won by us on Ebay from a scrap dealer near Northampton who supplies cars to the military for target practice!! (ps, grateful thanks to my employers at the time, Mertrux Mercedes Benz in Derby for the free loan of the flat bed to pick her up). Certificate of authenticity. The reason for engine failure becomes apparent - although the engine did still run for all of about 4 seconds like this! After a few emails to Ian Coomber (VBOA), we struck lucky and a new Heritage Engine was donated by Linwood Engineering via Vauxhall Motors. It was time for an engine swap day with some friends from the VODC. Other work was done, including recovering the drivers seat, new period stereo, new badges, hubcaps, dent removal by Dents First, machine polish, and some minor paintwork. Less than 2 months after purchase, she was on display at Billing as part of the Vauxhall Heritage Display, representing the Mk3 Cavalier. We also got Nuke together with 'Lou', and my then Astra Coupe (former press car, H7VXL) for a mini photo shoot at Billing. 3rd August 2008, posing outside Griffin House in Luton. Wally Green, Phill Wright & Peter Green. She was also reunited with former owner Peter Green, his brother Wally (who sold him the car when he worked at Cowies, Leamington Spa), and one of the guys who worked on her on the production line and remembers the extra paintwork and care they showed her as she was the last one built. Phill Wright and Mr Patel, who worked on Nuke on the Production Line at Luton in July 1995 - Mr Patel still worked for Vauxhall as a security guard when this photo was taken in September 2008