Cholmondeley Pageant of Power 2010

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This great event held at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire was the recent winner in the “Best Tourism Category”, at the “Visit Chester & Cheshire” Awards. With Bentley Cars sponsoring this Pageant, it promised to be a unique event with the Cavalier and Chevette Club being a part of it. I would mention that Colin and Marilyn travelled a 700 mile plus round trip from Kingussie in beautiful Scotland to support the Club at this Pageant, and “Charlie” never complained en route. Also, it was a pleasure to meet Leslie on this occasion, thank you for your support, I am sure Joshua kept you informed. The Club display area was truly a national effort, the Cross of St. George, Saltire and Red Dragon flags flew alongside the Club’s Griffin, it can’t get better than that folks. To list all the Pageant events in detail would require a book so I’ll mention the major sections. In the splendid grounds of the castle it was an ideal setting to show off the historic Grand Prix Cars to present Super Cars, a few of which were worth over five million pounds (no - not on our stand - yet!). The most “violent” form of transport has got to be the German car named “Brutus”, fitted with a 47 litre BMW aero-engine, the multi exhausts produced more flames than Merlin’s Dragon. More than 90 exotic cars and over 50 classic cars and modern motorbikes were there for all to admire, not forgetting the display vehicles on many club stands. The crowd were thrilled by the Breitling Wing Walkers performing on Boeing Stearman Bi-Planes, Helicopter Flights, RAF Falcon Parachute Team, Power Boats, Hovercraft, Military Displays and much, much more. One of the many highlights (for me at least) was a low flight flypast of a WW2 Spitfire, the sound of the Reginald Mitchell machine powered by the Merlin Engine was a nostalgic music to the ears.The climax of the show must be the Saturday night Prom Concert performed by the Manchester Camarata Orchestra, with the addition of 103 Regiment Pipes & Band in support of Help for Heroes. Five hours of good music including such classics as “Battle of Britain”, “Bridge on the River Kwai”,” Ride of the Valkyries” and “1812 Overture” complete with Artillery Guns and impressive firework display made it a night to remember. Thank you to all those who attended this magical Pageant in support of the Club, especially Colin and Marilyn (and Charlie) taking on the long journey from Scotland just for this event, and for introducing me to cooked banana in its skin sprinkled with a wee dram. It was an enjoyable weekend in excellent company providing a friendly social gathering. All this of course made possible by Vince Poole organising it on behalf of the Club, much appreciated Vince, hope we can put the tent pegs in next year. Members attending were:- Ken, Leslie & Joshua Jones, Chevette HSR and Mk 2 Cavalier Saloon. Colin & Marilyn Scott, Cavalier Mk 1 Saloon (L) (known as Charlie) Vince Poole, Cavalier Mk 1 Saloon (LS) Peter & David Norrish, Chevette Hatchback (oldest road going Chevette in the UK), Bryan & Marie Wilcox, Cavalier Mk. 1 Saloon (LS), With a brief visit (to the camp-site only) by Jane & Jean Miller, Cavalier Mk 1 Saloon. Vince Poole (019)