Cholmondeley Pageant of Power 2015

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is year’s Pageant was our Club’s sixth visit to this unique 4 day event which this year went back to basics in celebrating all things POWER. Unfortunately this year there was a date clash with the Luton Festival of Transport because the organisers had moved their festival dates forward by 1 week which now clashed with the Pageant. As we had a large Club presence at the Luton event to celebrate our 40th Anniversary, our Luton organiser, Richard Watt, his family and Kevin Bricknall, all regulars at the Pageant, were unable to attend this year. However, our Club stand at the Pageant was a great success as will be explained latter. This year the Pageant organisers went back to basics with POWER being the central theme of the weekend. Thursday was the usual setup day and an early arrival (and making his début at the Pageant) was member Keith Gooch with brother Paul and their splendid original, low mileage, 1975 Cavalier Mk1. Craig Wood with family and friends arrived and set-up their caravans. Craig brought his very potent Chevette Rally car and his son’s very nice Astra 2.0 litre Turbo was our guest car on the stand. A nice touch was the kindness show by Bryan and Marie Wilcox’s neighbour’s, Leuan and Menna Jones, who had brought a Caravan only 2 weeks previously and lent it to Bryan and Marie for the Pageant long weekend. They towed it over from North Wales to the Pageant so that Bryan and Marie could enjoy the Pageant in comfort. My Cavalier MK1 LS, Chalkie was joined by Marie’s OMY for the weekend. Having the caravan enabled Bryan, Marie and myself to enjoy a cooked English Breakfast every morning! A very welcome Saturday only arrival was Phil Scaife and his Cavalier Mk3 , Bluey. Phil proudly showed his work on Bluey carried out at the NEC Restoration Show Earlier this year. The Pageant itself had magnificent machines on the track, in the air and on the water. To emphasise the return to basic power the aero-engined cars put on splendid displays and the Formula One cars were very noisy. A particular treat for me was the lunchtime demonstrations of car and motorcycle dragsters on the start straight. Truly a demonstration of brute power. In the air there were aerobatic displays to watch and following the power theme, the latest Euro-Fighter Typhoon put on the fantastic, noisy displays. Sunday had a very special treat in store because the only air worthy Vulvcan Bomber XH558 few in to give us a spectacular demonstration of it’s mighty power and presence. The Vulcan was this country’s front line of defence in the 1950’s and 60’s, on 24 hour stand by with its load of nuclear bombs. A Vulcan last flew in anger during the Falklands War where it famously bombed Port Stanley runway with conventional bombs. This year will be the last for the Vulcan in the skies because of huge costs, and components and spares are at the end of their allotted life. Sadly all good things come to and end, but for me there was a final treat on Sunday evening when Craig Wood kindly took me out in the Rally Chevette and gave me a taste of its power and acceleration in the Estate’s on damp roads and also the main road outside. Thanks Craig. Members and friends attending the Pageant this year were:-Craig and Ann-Marie Wood with there family and friends including Domino Gianni, Mike Wood, Jacke Miller, Philip Wood, Anne Wood, Pauline and Barbara, Vanessa Lawler, Carol Ross, Dave Lester, Darren, Ben and Charlotte, Bryan and Marie Wilcox, Phil Sciafe, Keith and Paul Gooch. My apologies if I missed anyone out. Everyone enjoyed the event and I have already indicated to the Pageant organisers that we shall be back next year. Vince Poole (019)