Footman James Manchester Classic Car Show 2015

September 2015
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The Day started for myself, Richard and Beth early on Friday morning. We all meet a Northampton Services to travel up in Convoy. We made our way through Birmingham and up the M6 with a few stops and on to Manchester (Slight error with the roads on the way in and I nearly ended up in Warrington!!). We arrived at EventCity in good time and set-up the stand. Our new roller banner’s looked excellent at the side of LOU along with our green carpet. The next person to arrive was John Jones in his rare Cavalier Mk2 Estate, which he was carrying part of the Austin Allegro stand in. Karl Hobb’s then arrived in his splendid Chevette Estate and we positioned that at the side of our other Roller Banner at the other end of the stand. John Corbett was the last to arrive in his Cavalier Mk3 2.0 CD. With the stand all setup we our various accommodation. Myself, Beth and Richard had a wander around the Trafford Centre Shopping centre before having something to eat at then retiring to our accommodation for the night. Saturday arrived and we walked from our accommodation which was one of the Premier Inn’s in the vicinity of the Trafford Centre. It always amazes me the transformation the hall’s make from when we leave them on Friday when stands are still going up to what we see when we arrive back on Saturday. The show opened and we had a steady flow of people into the event. Our Roller banner’s catching people’s eye’s as they walked past. Club Member’s Martin Holloway and Helen Poole who called over to say hello. Martin was displaying his Opel GT on the Opel GT stand which was in the next hall which was the hall that came ready carpeted. We all took it in turns to man the stand and also have a wander around the event. Although not as big as the NEC Classic Motor Show the quality of the cars on display was excellent. Saturday came and went and we retired to the Premier Inn again after having another wander around the Trafford Centre and having a bit to eat. Sunday arrived and the flow of people was just as good as Saturday if not even busier. Simon Down’s visited the event on Sunday and stopped over Sunday night (The following Monday was a sad day for us and the Club as it was Vince Poole’s funeral of which all four of us were attending).I had another look around the auto jumble and picked up a couple of car brochures I had not got. We had a lot of people visit the stand over the weekend, and lots of comments about the car ranged from I had one of those to best car I ever had but the best one was “The Chevette is 40 Years old!!” “Blimey I must be getting old as I passed my driving test in a Chevette in 1976”.The day finished with the usual sound of car horns and we packed the stand up into our cars in the car park and made our way back to our accommodation and made our self-ready for the difficult day that was to follow:- Thank you to John Jones John Corbett Richard and Beth Watt Karl Hobbs All for providing their cars and help over the weekend. Also thank you to Simon Downs Martin Holloway and Helen Poole Who visited the stand over the weekend. Kevin Bricknall (602)