Lancaster Classic Motor Show 2015

NEC Birmingham November 2015
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The event started for us on Thursday the build-up day at 6am at Old Stratford where Richard and Beth Watt with his Cavalier Mk1 “LOU” and John Ankerman from the V.B.O.A meet me. We made our way to the arranged meeting place just outside the NEC to meet Greg Stringer “Black Magic” Chevette and Dave Boon “Silver Aero” Cavalier Mk1 Sportshatch. We then entered the NEC Site where we meet Jim and Janet Pocklington with their ex-works John Cleland Cavalier Mk3 British Touring Car. We then set-up the stand, Vauxhall had kindly paid for carpet for all the Vauxhall Clubs this year. The event was in different Hall’s to previous years. Being Hall’s 1-5 the original NEC Hall’s. We were in Hall 3A. Once the stand was set-up everybody retired to their B&B and in Greg and Dave’s case to the Railway Station to catch a train to Leighton Buzzard. (Don’t forget you ticket Dave!!). After an interesting experience at a Carvery the previous evening (Don’t mention the Cauliflower Cheese, I did once but I think I got away with it) myself, Richard, Beth and John entered the Hall ready for the busy day ahead. We were shortly joined by Dave, Jim and Janet (Greg was only able to make the Sunday due to work commitments). Friday is the least busy of the three days being the press day. We had lots of press visit the stand during Friday and take pictures of the cars and speak to us about them. Each car we had on the stand was unique and unusual in every way. The cars were as follows: - LOU 848P owned by Richard Watt is the Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1 1.9 GL which was the 1975 Earls Court Motor Show Press Car for Vauxhall and was Exhibited there 40 Years ago and looked splendid with its 40th Anniversary Roof board. LNK 270V owned by Dave Boon is “Silver Aero” the one off Wayne Cherry Cavalier Mk1 Prototype. This car was first exhibited by Vauxhall at the NEC Motor Show in 1980 and appeared in Hall 3 next to the Hall we were in. RVF 788R owned by Greg Stringer is “Black Magic” another on of Wayne Cherry’s Prototype Creations this time being based on a Chevette and this car was once Wayne Cherry’s own personal transport. The last car on the stand owned by Jim Pocklington was an ex-works Cavalier Mk3 British Touring Car. This car is chassis number 1 and was first raced in 1990 and was built by Dave Cook Racing. Friday finished and we said goodbye to John Ankerman who’s place was being taken by Simon Down’s for the next two days. We all headed off to our B&B’s or in Dave’s case home, exhausted but satisfied with a thoroughly enjoyable day and looking forward to Saturday. Saturday came, the event opening earlier on this day and 9.00am instead of 10.00am. By mid-Morning you could not move for the people filing past our stand. It was probably the busiest that I have seen the NEC. We had lots of people coming on and asking questions about the car’s. I managed to make some interesting purchases from the Auto-jumble and I know that a few other people managed to purchase some interesting item’s as well. About 4.00pm on Saturday afternoon probable the funniest thing that day happened. A chap came up to me and asked if I was related to John Cleland!! I informed him that I was not to which he replied that he thought I was a relative of John’s as I looked a bit like him!!! We headed again for our relevant B&B’s etc at the end of Saturday which was another successful day. Sunday arrived the final day and we arrived on the stand ready for another busy day. Sunday initially did not seem as busy as Saturday but then but all of a sudden half way through the day it was like someone had turned on a tape and it turned busier than Saturday. We were running TV adverts and the famous Cleland v Soper moment from the British Touring Car Championship in 1992 and both of those pulled in the crowd’s. Especially with Murray Walker’s commentary and when he got to the line “But John Cleland is attacking Steve Soper, He’s up on two wheels’” people appeared out of no where on the stand to see what was happening. Once they had watched this they then had a good look at all the cars on the stand 5.30pm arrived and the event finished to the traditional sound of horn’s.After waiting till the organiser’s told us we then dismantled the stand. We all then helped Jim and Janet push the Cleland Car to the door so it could be put in Jim’s trailer.Also thanks to Dave Boon for taking part of the Club stand away with him which meant I didn’t have to bring car in to the Hall’s which meant Simon and I could walk out to our car’s with only a few bits of the stand.In no particular order a big thank you to the following people for providing there car’s:-Richard and Beth WattDave BoonGreg StringerJim and Janet PocklingtonI would also like to put a shout out to the one car and person that is missing of this list that sadly had to pull out. Peter Norrish and his Chevette. Due to a last minute technical issue Peter was sadly unable to make the event with his car. However, as you were unable to make the event Peter I have put you down as first on the list for next year. Club Member’s and Friend’s visiting and helping on the stand during the event Simon Down’s, John Ankerman (V.B.O.A), Fred Coomb’s, Ray, Keith Gooch and Family, Graham, Christopher Stringer, Alan Well’s, Peter Doherty, Daryl Keen, Karl Hobb’s, Claire Wight, Bob from CoventryAlso thanks to Martin Raybould and Emma Dodds from Club Sponsor Footman James for visiting the stand. And finally thanks to Dennis Chick Communications Director at Vauxhall, Simon Hucknall Product PR Manager at Vauxhall and the Vauxhall Heritage Team Andrew Body, Terry and Chris. A big thank you must also go to Vauxhall for providing the red carpet. Apologies if I have missed anyone out. Four New Member’s joined at the NEC, these were: -Kenny Dock, Ian Crawley, Frank Byrne, Joe Murphy Hello and Welcome to the Club. I know that a lot of personal expense and effort is put in by everyone involved in making the event a success, so big thank you must go to everyone. Kevin Bricknall (602)