Lancaster Classic Motor Show 2017

NEC Birmingham November 2017
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Build up day started with me and Richard Watt meeting Alan Well with his Opel Manta GT/E Exclusive at the Services on the M40 at 6.30am. We then headed off up the M40 to meet everyone at the Stonebridge Island Meeting Point. When we arrived Phil Sciaffe had already arrived with his Cavalier Mk2 1.6 GL Hatch, then Peter and David Norrish with their Vauxhall Chevette 1.3 L Saloon and the Fred Coomb with his Chevette 2.3 HS. After sorting out the paperwork we headed for the NEC for our 10am entrance time. Set-up day went the smoothest it ever had. Vauxhall had once again kindly provided us and all the other Vauxhall/Opel Clubs with Red Carpet. Once setup Fred headed for his Hotel as did Peter and David. Phil, myself and Richard headed for our Hotel which was on site where were Beth Watt was meeting us, however we dropped Alan off at his Hotel as it was nearly on the Run way of the Airport!!! After sorting out our rooms we then headed of for a mean using my Vectra B GSi 2.6 MSD as transport (The GSi is not your usual every day Vectra B).Day 1 started and seemed much busier than usual. The press is allowed in 1hr before the Public on press day so they can get the pictures they require. We had a steady flow of people calling at out stand along with current and new club members as well as a couple of people signing up as well. Jason a friend of Fred’s joined us on the Friday and also the Saturday. We had a slight panic on Wednesday nigh as we were invited for the 2017 Classic and Sports Car Awards in the Metropole Hilton Hotel which was on the Friday night so I had to text everyone to advise and let them know about bringing some smart clothes. The awards were presented by Ant Antstead from Wheeler Dealer. We didn’t win in either of the two categories which were Richard Watt Club Personality of the year and Bryan Wilcox’s White Griffin Run 2017 as best Charity event BUT both were given honourable mentions by Simon Taylor (Motoring Journalist) who was also presenting. Day 2 arrived and Richard departed to head home (he was back on Sunday) Simon Down’s joined us on the stand today. Saturday was even busier than Friday. Fred meet on Saturday a fair number of people that had owned Chevette HS’s. Lots of people also commented to us that the Chevette in standard form was there first car. I spoke to a couple of people from the press and a few features on Club vehicles may be coming up shortly. The day finished and we headed of for a mean the local Harvester. Day 3 arrived and Richard was back with us, Sunday is more of a family day at the show as you tell by the number of family’s visiting the event. Andy Ingham from our clothing manufacture visited the stand on Sunday along with his son. As did Bryan’s friend Bob from Coventry. Just near the end of the show Richard, Phil and I had a trip out in a Ford Capri 280 Brooklands from Dream ride’s (I know it’s a Ford but there was no Vauxhall’s or Opel’s in the dream rides, this will hopefully change next year!). The show ended and after the obligatory sounding of the car horns we packed up the stand and made out way out of the halls and off home after another successfully NEC. Kevin Bricknall (602)