Lancaster Classic Motor Show with Discovery 2019

NEC Birmingham 8th- 10th November 2019
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Before Richard and I could make our way up to the meeting point, we had to collect the final new pop up banner. Duncan at our Clothing manufacture Graffiti Print had been up since 5am on the Thursday finishing it off. We hit a little traffic but arrived at the meeting point we meet Fred Coombes, Graham Meakes, Mike Shewan and Phil Scaife who had collected Nigel Hope’s Cavalier Mk1. Karl Hobbs was driving up later in the day. The 5th car on the stand was something a little different, as we now accept the Vectra B as an associated model, we thought it would be good to exhibit a Vectra B so my X-Reg Design Edition made an appearance. We believe this is the first time a Vectra B has been exhibited at the Classic Motor Show (10 Years ago we were the first Club to Exhibit a Cavalier Mk3). We soon entered the hall and like a well-oiled machine we soon had the carpet down and the stand up. This allowed us to have a walk around the other halls during setup. We arrived back at the stan just in time to meet Karl Hobbs with his Chevette Estate. We all then headed for our hotel’s. On Friday were joined by Nigel who was only able to attend Friday and Saturday. One of the first things we did on the Friday was award the Vince Poole Spirit of the Club Award 2019 awarded to Phil Scaife, Mike Shewan and Graham Meakes on Friday morning of the show. We attended the Classic and Sports Car Awards 2019 and the Newsletter made the top three of the most improved newsletter awards sadly we didn’t win but a great evening was had by all. Well done to Jane Miller, Claire Wilcox for the work they have put into the newsletter and Phil Scaife for the proofreading he does. I meet Vauxhall British Touring Car Driver Jason Plato on the Saturday. We also had a visit from John Bentley from Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. The Club stand got a lot of attention over the three days with a lot of people not realising how old the Vectra B is. We had an excellent meal in Nando’s on the Saturday evening followed by live music in the World Bar in Resort World. To keep people entertained in the queue for Nando’s they had a chap doing card tricks. The line of the evening goes to Richard though, jokingly the chap said were we here for the Little Mix concert and Richard goes no were here for the Pick and Mix concert!! We marked the 2 minuets silence on the Sunday at 11am along with everyone else in the Hall’s. Soon the time came to take the stand down and again like a well-oiled-machine the stand was dismantled and put into the back of my Vectra B. A big thank you to the Club Members who exhibited Fred Coombes, Nigel Hopes, Karl Hobbs, Graham Meakes. Club members and friends of the Club Join us during the event (apologies if I have missed anyone, I was not always on the stand so may have been away when you called past). Dave Boon, Richard Watt, Simon Downs, Michelle Turner, Jerome Moss, James Almey, Henry, Claire and Phil Wright, Helen and Martin, Joe, Andy, Kevin Vincent, John Ankerman. Also special thanks to Duncan Caulfield at Graffti Print for coming into his Office at 5am on Thursday morning to finish the new pop-up banners. Excellent weekend had by everyone. We already have something special planed for the 2020 event and the 2021 event!!! (This is subject to us being accepted at these events as we have to apply for stand space). Kevin Bricknall (602)