Lancaster Classic Motor Show with Discovery 2021

NEC Birmingham 12th- 14th November 2021
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Finally, after nearly 2 years of COVID Cancellation’s the Lancaster Classic Motor Show 2021 took place between the 12th-14th November 2021. The last event taking place in November 2019, yes it really has been that long. It didn’t take us long to get back into the swing of things. Myself and Richard Watt and Clair Samuel’s who were attending all three days to help on the stand arrived at our usual meeting point the Toby Carvery first. We were soon joined by Barry and Gail Wedgwood with their superb Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 Commander Saloon. Arriving Shortly after that was Phil Scaife with his excellent Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 CDi Saloon and Mike Shewan and Graham Meakes in Mike’s excellent Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 Convertible. After we had a nice breakfast in the Toby we headed into the NEC. Unusually there was a lot more traffic than previous years heading into the Hall’s. After going through the COVID-19 Check Point we arrived at Hall 5 and quickly found our stand space. We then set about building our stand and putting up the banners etc. It was also great to see other Vauxhall and Opel Club People near to us that we had not seen for a while, some we had not seen since 2019! Soon it was time to head off for something to eat and to then check into our hotel’s. Friday arrived and we had several press people come over to the stand wanting to speak about the Cavalier Mk2 being 40 years old and taking an interest in the cars on the stand. Club Member Simon Down’s joined us on the stand Friday. On the VBOA stand next door Mark Westwood was displaying his very nice Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 SRi. Soon the day ended and some of us headed off into Resort World for a bit to eat before heading home and off to our hotel’s. Saturday soon arrived and being the first day of the weekend was a little busier. The show organisers had done a great job in spacing the stands out more and making the isles bigger so there was not so much of a bottle neck of people walking around the stands. Club Member Nigel Hopes visited the stand on the Saturday along with his son. I also noticed some club members returned with several bags so my guess would be that they have made several great purchases at the event. All too soon the day came to an end and some of us headed over to TGI Fridays where had a table book to eat before we either headed home or too our hotel. The final day arrived and seemed as busy as the Saturday. At 11am we observed the 2mins silence for remembrance Sunday as did the whole of the event. Club member Paul Green visited the stand on the Sunday. I event spotted some people going around dressed up as the cast from Ghostbusters! Comic Con was on in the adjacent halls so my guess would be that they had some how crept in from that show. Soon the event came to a close with the usual sound of car horns. My ears are still ringing with the sound of Mike’s as his was rather loud!! We packed the stand away and left the hall in record time 18mins from the close of the show to getting out to the car park and transferring the show stand from the stand cars into mine. All in all, a great event had by all. In no order thanks go to Gail and Barry Wedgewood, Mike Shewan and Phil Scaife for providing their cars, Graham Meakes, Simon Downs for helping on the stand. Club Members and friends of the club visiting the stand include Paul Green, Mark and Sarah Westwood, Nigel Hopes, Thomas Costello and Keith Richardson and if I have missed you out, I do apologies as you may have visited the stand while I was away from it. Roll on 2022, here’s hoping we don’t have to wait as long this time.