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Discovery 2016

NEC Birmingham 2016.
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It all started on Friday 4th April. I arrived nice and early at the meeting point just outside the NEC with most of the Club stand in the boot of my Jaguar X-Type. Next to arrive was Dave Cheal and his wife Kate with their Cavalier Mk1 Coupe on their trailer. The meeting place was a Toby Carvery so when it opened we headed inside for Breakfast. Fred soon arrived with his Chevette on the back of his truck. Phil arrived shortly after that in his Cavalier Mk3 1.4. We then headed into the NEC to setup the Club stand. Once we had the stand-up we had a bit of time to have a look around the other halls while they were being assembled. As time was pressing on Fred headed back to Milton Keynes in his truck and Dave and Kate headed off to their Hotel. Phil headed off with me to the Jag and we headed to the B&B that we have used for the last few years for events at the NEC. That evening we there was a few snow showers in the air, but this did not stop Phil and I heading back to the Toby Carvery for something to eat. I suspect Phil will cover this in his report so I won’t cover it here other than saying I have a very good chat up line involving the Jaguar X-Type!!!. Myself, Phil and Beth had to shot of early on the Saturday afternoon as we were attending the first National Car Club Awards in the Evening and had to get changed into the appropriate clothing. Dave and Kate looked after the stand for the last hour as Fred had to head back early. The National Car Club Awards are covered elsewhere in this Newsletter so I won’t cover here but it was a truly excellent evening for the Club with two nominations and one award. I think we were the last people to leave the award ceremony and it was early Sunday morning when we left. There were some weary heads on Sunday morning (Not me as I was the designated Driver and was still on a high from the Award Ceremony).On Sunday we were joined on the Stand by Simon Down and Jim and Janet Pocklington. Club Member Greg Stringer (Owner of Black Magic) was on the VX4/90 Owners Club Stand at the side of us with his Ventora so called over to see us along with Dave Boon (Owner of Silver Aero) who had come up with him, and Ian Kimpton also dropped past. Emma Dodds from Footman James also called past to speak to us. Phil now set to work putting the sound deadening into his car with help from Dave and then the replacement seat. We were also visited over the weekend by a chap called Stavros969 who carried out some filming on the Club stand and interviewed me along with Phil and we spoke about each car that is on the stand. The Video is on his Youtube channel called Staros969 and also a link on the Club Forum. After what can only be described as a breath taking weekend the show came to an end and we dismantled the stand and made our way home. Kevin Bricknall (602) Many thanks to the exhibitors on the stand and also to the Club Member’s that visited the stand. Apologies if I have missed any one off (I do suspect I have but there was that much going on during the show I’m sure you will forgive me). Cars’s on the stand and their Owners. Phil Scaiffe – Cavalier Mk3 1.4 L Saloon, Fred Coombs – Chevette HS, Dave Cheal & (Wife) – Cavalier Mk1 GLS Coupe. People visiting the stand over the weekend:- Beth Watt, Simon Downs, John Ankerman (VBOA), Emma Dodds (Club Sponsor Footman James), Keith Goodge, Daryl Keen, Greg Stringer, Dave Boon Ian Kimpton Jim and Janet Pockington.