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Opel Vectra A

In the rest of Europe and also the Republic of Ireland the Vauxhall Cavalier Mk3 was know as the Opel Vectra A. There were different trim levels on this car to the UK version. Badging was also the Opel Blitz instead of the Vauxhall Griffin and Vectra instead of Cavalier. The Vectra name did not appear on UK cars until 1995/96 when the Vectra B was launched. Or should that be Cavalier Mk4, but that’s another story!! Like the Cavalier Mk3 the Vectra A was revised in 1992/1993. There were changes to the external styling, bumper mouldings, new grill, front and rear lights and wheel trim. The 1.4 engine was also dropped, the 2.5 V6 C25XE engine was added and the 2.0i 16v Red Top C20XE was replaced by the 2.0i X20XEV Ecotec which had less power (down from 15bhp to 136bhp) also due to emission problems the 2.0 8v 20NE in the GT which was carried over the Ascona C was replaced by a new less power full version 2.0 C20NE (115bhp instead of 130bhp), and finally the 2000 16v 4x4 was replaced by the Turbo 4x4 which had the 2.0i Turbo charged 2.0 C20LET engine giving just over 200bhp along with a 6-speed gear box. The interior was also revised and range was also re-aligned with new trim levels. Safety features like Air Bags, seatbelt pretensions and door beams were also incorporated. ABS also became standard, the Vectra A being the first car in its class to have these as standard fitment. Like the Cavalier Mk3 in the UK the Vectra A was replaced by the Vectra B in 1995/1996.
A 1988 Vectra A 1.8 GL Hatchback
The Vectra A Diamond GLS Hatchback.
The Vectra A Diamond CD Saloon
The Vectra A 2000 16v 4x4 is know in the UK as the Cavalier MK3 GSi 2000 16v 4x4.
The Vectra A Expressions SE, just knows as the Cavalier Mk3 Expressions in the UK.
Facelift GL and GLS Vectra A’s.
The Vectra A GT 16v Hatchback and Saloon. Know as the Cavalier Mk3 SRi 16v in the UK.
The Vectra A Sport SE this was know as a the Cesaro in the UK.
The Vectra A 2.0 GT Hatchback this was knows as the Cavalier M3 2.0 SRi in the UK.
The Vectra A Diamond GL Saloon, slight James Bond theme going on with this advert from the time.
The Vectra A V6 also know as the Cavalier Mk3 V6 in the UK.
The Vectra A CDX and Turbo.