Silverstone Classic 2021

Silverstone July 2021
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The Silverstone Classic 2021 took place over three days being the 30th and 31st July and 1st August and what an event it was. I had my ticket booked since December 2019 so its nearly been 2 years what with last year being cancelled. If you are not familiar with the Silverstone Classic it is 3 days of Rocking and Racing at Silverstone Circuit. With displays from many car clubs, a traders village, two pit areas to explore, music concerts Friday and Saturday night and plenty of track action. We had between 7-10 cars on the club stand over the three days. These being Nigel Hopes Cavalier Mk1, Colin and Marylin Scott Cavalier Mk1, Richard Watt Cavalier Mk1, Simon Downs Cavalier Mk1 Sportshatch, Phil Scaife Cavalier Mk2 CDi, Mike Shewan Cavalier Mk2 Convertible, Kevin Bricknall Cavalier Mk3 SRi, Graham and Kane Meakes Cavalier Mk3 GSi 2000, Dawn and David Hill Cavalier Mk3 and Claire and Phil Wright Cavalier Mk3. Club members on other stands was Fred Coombs with his Chevette HS on DSG and Bryan Coe with his Calibra on Club Calibra. Sadly we were not blessed with great weather compared to the British GP which was rather hot. We had rain showers mixed with Sun. On the Friday we took part in a track parade Celebrating 25 Years Since the end of Cavalier production (this would have been our 2020 track parade) and 40 years since the start of Cavalier Mk2 production. So in wet conditions probably the wettest of the three days we headed out on to track for a parade around the full Grand Prix Circuit. There are video of this on the Clubs Facebook page and will be a video shortly on the clubs Youtube Channel. On the Saturday Phil Sciaffe took to the stage with his Cavalier Mk2 CDi Saloon to take part in Mike Brewers Car Clinic. The best line of this was Mike Brewer saying if you want to join an exclusive car club don’t bother with something like Ferrari or Porsche but join the Cavalier and Chevette Club instead as their car’s are rarer and more exclusive than Ferrari’s and Porsche’!!! So, there you have it folks your in a very exclusive car club, not my words but the words of Mike Brewer no less. The location of where te Club stand was backing on to the Wellington Straight next to the bridge over it coupled with how we had the cars set out in a fan style we got a lot of attention and lot of people coming onto the club stand. The music concerts on the Friday and Saturday night featured Scouting for Girls, Britpop Reunion, Legal Jam, The Brand New Heavies and Aswad. These concerts are included in your entrance ticket at no extra cost. Some members stopped to watch the concert and some headed back to the campsite/hotel/home. There was a wide array of Ontrack action. Sadly, no Cavalier Mk3’s or Vectra B’s this year as there was no Super Touring Race. I did spot Ex-BMW Works Driver Steve Soper (Yes, the same Steve Soper that famously took John Cleland out in 1992). There was everything on the track from the Murry Walker Memorial Trophy for Historic Formula One Cars, HSCC Thundersports, Classic Mini Challenge which was very entertaining the Masters Endurance Legends which are cars that would have run in the Le Mans 24 Hour Race some years back down to MRL Pre_war BRDC 500 and Histroic Formula Juniors. There really is racing covering nearly every decade. I would like to than everyone listed above for attending the event and look forward to the Silverstone Classic 2022. If you have not been to this even before and are thinking you would like to attended keep an eye on the Newsletter, Forum and Facebook Group for details for 2022. Don’t forget you don’t have to do all three days as you can just attend the one. I have to say that this has been the most enjoyable Silverstone Classic I have attended and to think it was 4/5 years ago that we first attended this event with a one car club stand and now we are up to around 10. So lets make 2022 even better and if you are a Chevette Owner we would love to see you at this event as we didn’t have any on the stand this year.