VBOA Rally 2011

Billing July 2011
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I travelled down to Billing in Lou along with my mum, Brandon & Charlie whilst Beth & Mickey Mouse arrived in Clementine. We arrived at Billing at 7:30am to start getting the club stand set up and the tents of course. We started setting up the club stand with the bunting and fence posts, then up went the 4 gazebo’s along with a flag. The weather was starting to get hotter, soon to arrive was Jeremy Haynes in his P Reg Chevette no longer was he out of his car than he was straight away helping set things up, we are very grateful Jeremy as it does take us quite along time to do all this.Next to arrive was Simon Downs in his immaculate Opel Commodore A, Simon also has a very rare Cavalier Mk3 on a F Reg and a Opel Manta on a B Reg which is undergoing a restoration. Once Simon had arrived we all carried on with the club stand, then me and Simon went up to meet Kevin Bricknall in the car park as Kevin had a dvd of the cavalier and Chevette adverts for me so I could pass onto the V.B.OA whilst me and Simon were then heading back to the club stand we noticed Bryan & Marie Wilcox in omy & Marilyn & Colin Scott in Charlie, both of these Cavalier’s had travelled down from Wales but Charlie had first started from Scotland.This was Marilyn & Colin Scotts first trip with Charlie to Billing, I hope they enjoyed their time there, whilst Bryan & Marie had not been since 2003. Thanks to them for making such a huge effort in coming to Billing, soon Dave Cole arrived in his Bedford Rascal after selling his beloved Cavalier Mk3 after 8 years of ownership however Dave Cole is remaining a club member, then came Colin & Laura in there Chevette which was only just put back on the road after 23 years stored in a garage, a big well done to the both of them for getting Goldie ( Chevette ) back on the road so quickly. Last to arrive was Andrew Waite who has been a regular at Billing for many years now but sadly as he has sold his beloved Cavalier Mk1 Sportshatch he had to arrive in his also very rare Ford Escort Mk3. First to arrive this morning was Kevin in his Manta he started helping us with the Cavalier Mk2 30th Birthday celebrations, now Kevin had designed these all by himself and spent the time mounting them. The usual Saturday morning crew arrived Ian Broadway, Paul Ellson, Gary Williams, Malcolm & Julie Docherty, Phillip Scaiffe and Steve Fordham with his Cavalier Mk1 which starred in a Passionate Woman alongside Billie Piper. It wasn’t long before club members went looking for the elusive part for their car from the auto jumble, but speaking of auto jumble me and Simon Downs picked up a very very very rare part for his Commordore A it was a bonnet, brand new complete with Opel stickers on now these are very rare to find and if you do find one they will cost you in excess of at least £500, but we managed to get it for just £50.Also Kevin brought a display board which was used for the 1987 cavalier, which was very rare and rather handy as we were celebrating the 30th Anniversary. I think nearly everybody managed to find something for there car from the auto jumble, soon is was the quiz a first for our club and a fantastic idea set up by our very own Kevin Bricknall now as Kevin had already tested his quiz out on me I decided to sit it out, but all the club members took part it was a quiz based on tv, music & film from the 1980’s, a very big thanks must go to Kevin who brought the prizes who were won by:Beth Watt 1st Prize Phillip Scaiffe 2nd Prize Marie Wilcox Boobie Prize ( Donated by Marilyn & Colin Scott )Sunday 3rd July Richard Winter, Chris Martin, Robert Smith, Ian Broadway, John Jones, Richard Haywood, Tony White & Ian Hill all arrived in time for us to enter our cars in to the Main Arena Parade alongside the Chevette Owners Group. We had a fantastic line up upon entering the ring, Ian Coomber who is the V.B..O.A Chairman done the commentary, he was magnificent with his knowledge of our cars and the many others that entered before and after us. I once again left Lou on the club stand so I could record it on my video camera. Once back on the club stand the club members went off to look around the show and the auto jumble. Now it was soon our turn to enter a car into the Chairman’s Cup which was a first for us, we entered Simon Down’s very rare Opel Commodore A, now once it entered alongside all the other cars for the chairman's cup, it started getting people flocking over to it, of course with that amount of people looking at it, they must of liked what they had seen as it won the prize for the pre 1975.Soon it was our club’s turn to get out the voting forms and get looking at our own collection of cars. This year Beth & I decided to buy some trophies and do Best Cavalier, Chevette & Best Opel, we of course still had best body type complete with certificate’s. Once all the votes were counted by Beth Watt, I announced the winners they were as follows:- Best Cavalier Mk1 Saloon: Richard Watt Best Cavalier Sportshatch: Ian Broadway Best Centaur: Tony White Best Cavalier Mk2 Saloon: Kevin Bricknall Best Cavalier Mk3 Saloon: Chris Martin Best Chevette Saloon: Paul Ellson Best Chevette Hatch: Richard Winter Best Opel Manta Hatch: Richard Haywood Bob Watt Memorial Award – Furthest travelled - Marilyn Scott Rodney Nicolls - Best Cavalier In Show : Richard Watt John Ball Best Chevette In Show: Richard Winter Russell Brookes Best Opel In Show – Richard Haywood .Best Guest Car In Show - Simon Downs - Opel Commodore A Well done to all winner’s, those who won a trophy please return it one month before the start date for Billing 2012, but if you are returning to Billing next year please bring it back in a presentable condition. Last thing left to say is a big thank you to everyone who took the time to attend this amazing event, special thanks to:Beth Watt, Brandon Smith, Kevin Bricknall, Simon Downs, Jeremy Haynes, Colin Pizey & Laura, Bryan & Marie Wilcox & Marilyn & Colin Scott. Hope to see you all next year. All The Best Richard Watt