VBOA Rally 2018

Market Harborough 14th - 15th July 2018
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For the first time in 20 years, I made the journey in a Cavalier Mk1 to the VBOA National Rally on my own, due to a change in personal circumstances; also my Mum is very poorly at present and the weather as hot as it was had decided to stay behind with Poppy the dog.I decided to take along Custard (Cavalier Mk1 1600 Automatic Saloon) who made her 5th appearance at the the VBOA National Rally. When I arrived on the Friday before the actual show I was greeted by Colin Scott, who along with Marilyn Scott, had brought there two Cavalier Mk1’s Jamie and Charlie (who are a Coupe and 4 door Saloon) down from Inverness-shire, also Mark and Gillian Sweetman had set-up camp with there lovely huge camper van. Graham Makes also made the early start to the VOBA National Rally with his Mk3 GSi Saloon. Soon to arrive was Simon Downs in his immaculate Opel Commodore A Coupe,and he soon had his tent set up. Jeremy Lettington in his early Cavalier Mk3, and shortly after that Kevin Bricknall arrived in his facelift Cavalier Mk3. Latter on we all went down to the live stage and listened to the Status Quo tribute band - some of us even took to the dance floor. Saturday morning soon arrived and so did the members, with Calvin Walker arriving in his Chevette and his partner driving one of Calvin’s Cavalier Mk3’s.We also had a visit on the stand from Chris and Jackie Forster in there Cavalier Mk2. They are both long-standing members and it was so nice to see them both back at the VBOA National Rally after some time away. Mark Westwood borough along his stunning Cavalier Mk2 SRi. Also making its debut this year at a VBOA National Rally was Koel Sweetman’s Cavalier Mk2 Estate. Garry Williams and family soon arrived in their Cavalier Mk2 Convertible. James McGrath was flying the Cavalier Mk3 flag again this year by brining along three of his Cavalier Mk3’s, it was so good to see such a nice young man so passionate about his cars. It was very soon time to start the Club Award voting and Gillian and Jess both took a hand in counting the votes and getting everything ready for me to make the awards to the winners. The Winners for 2018 were as follows:- Marilyn Scott - Cavalier Mk1 Saloon Colin Scott - Cavalier Mk1 Coupe Mark Sweetman - Cavalier MK2 Hatchback Kaol Sweetman - Cavalier Mk2 Estate Gary Williams - Cavalier Mk2 Convertible Graham Meakes- Cavalier Mk3 Saloon Jeremy Lettington - Cavalier Mk3 Hatchback Calvin Walker - Chevette Saloon Best Guest Car - 2015 Plate Vauxhall Astra Chairman’s Cup Nominee - Jeremy Lettington - Cavalier Mk3 Hatchback Bob Watt Memorial Award - Mark and Gillian Sweetman Lady Owner/Drive Award - Gillian Sweetman John Ankerman Award (Mr Billings Choice) - Graham Meakes - Cavalier Mk3 Saloon The Club Auction then took place, as always hosted by Colin and Marilyn Scott. We then had what was the first of two special planes fly over the VBOA National Rally. On the Saturday was a Supermarine Spitfire and the Sunday the Hawker Hurricane, both of which would have been enjoyed by Bryan. Just before they arrived Club Chairman Kevin Bricknall produced a box from the Black Sheep Brewery and it contained a Beer Called “Life of Brian”. Black Sheep had managed to source one box of the beer for Kevin to bring to the event for us and we all toasted Bryan Wilcox, to the sound of the Spitfire overhead along with the Battle of Britain Music Kevin had playing on the stand from a speaker. Sunday morning arrived with the arena parade’s there was a special parade of Cavalier Mk3’s from all the Club’s as you know the Cavalier Mk3 is 30 this year. Then the main arena parade took place, our Club Cars looked amazing going around the arena. The video of this is available on request. Our club made their way to the main arena with Marilyn Scott Cavalier Mk1 and Calvin Walker’s Chevette (The Cavalier Mk1 and Chevette being the founding car’s of the Club), where we as a club - along with the whole of the VBOA-paid tribute to those who have sadly passed away in the last 12 months. This of course included our Club’s very own Bryan Wilcox. There was a standing ovation for one minute along with the beeping of horns from all the cars in the arena and it made us all feel very proud indeed. One interesting point of the weekend was the lack of “founder” car’s - lowest I have ever seen at the VBOA National Rally in 20 years, with just 4 founding models on display. It was also nice to see our Club Treasurer Paul Ellson from Ellesmere Port who made the journey in his Astra to Market Harborough to support us all. Our Chairman’s Cup nominee made it’s way to the main area with Jeremy Lettington behind the wheel. Sadly this year our chosen car didn’t win the award. Soon it was time to dismantle the Club Stand and say our goodbyes for another year. I would like to thank all the members who once again supported the event. All the best. Richard Watt (352)