Why Chose the Cavalier and Chevette Club
Welcome to the Cavalier and Chevette Club
Your friendly Vauxhall - Opel Club since 1994
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The Cavalier and Chevette Club is the Club for you if you are interested in Vauxhall Cavaliers (whether they are Mk 1, 2 or 3), Vectra B, Chevettes, Manta, Ascona, Calibra, Kadett or other General Motors variant between 1975 and 1995.We are a very friendly Club who appreciate the Vehicles the Club was created for, whether they are in their original form or whether they have been modified in any way. We believe in individuality and that we are here for the cars we love. We take pride in the cars no matter what condition they may be in and we will accept it on any Club stand at most shows, we believe that the car should speak for itself. No longer will you have to attend a car show on your own.We are founder Members of the Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association and are part of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.You do not need to own a Club Vehicle to be a member and neither do you have to be in the UK as we accept members from any continent. Remember the U-Car’ J-Car and T-Car were not just UK models. A major say in how the Club is run (it is your Club) with voting rights at the AGM held in October. Joint members both have a voting right.•You will have access to Technical Advisor’s for all Club Cars via email or phone.•A quarterly Newsletter sent to your door, for Joint Members only one copy will be sent.•A range of Club Merchandise including Club Clothing for you to purchase.•Spares Services exclusive to the Club whether new, used or reconditioned.•Vauxhall Trade Club Discount and other discounts available from the Club Sponsors.•Contact with your Local Area Rep listed on the front cover of the Newsletter.•Chance to exhibit on stands at local events.•Access to the Members only Forum and Facebook Group•A chance to exhibit at the following annual events.•V.B.O.A (only available to affiliated Clubs) National Rally.•Silverstone Classic*, Lancaster NEC Classic Motor Show*, Footman James Sywell Classic Piston and Props*, Practical Classics and Restoration Show NEC*. (*Subject to the club being accepted for these events other than V.B.O.A National Rally).•Discount Prices to the V.B.O.A National Rally, Silverstone Classic, Lancaster Classic Motor Show NEC, Footman James Sywell Classic Pistons and Props and Practical Classics and Restoration Show NEC. (Subject to the club being accepted for these events).•Access to Members Helpline, details in the front cover of the Newsletter.•General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Membership of the Club and acceptance of the Club Rules and Constitution (Click here to view) by the member(s), will give consent to holding of relevant personal data on a database, its use for scientific and historical research purposes and for the use of a part of this information in newsletters and event programmes.•Club Privacy Policy. Please Click here to view and read Clubs Privacy Policy.How much will you have to pay? Membership is based on a yearly subscription and will cost £30.00. We also have a bargain Joint Membership for an additional £5.00 for two enthusiasts living a the same address. Membership will run from the date you join for 12 months.