White Griffin Run 2015

North Wales - May 2015.
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This was the 30th White Griffin Run hosted by Bryan Wilcox. To start with we all meet up at The Drovers Arms, Rhwel, Nr Ruithin for Coffee and briefing of the days trip. Soon we were all in our cars ready to go. We left the Drovers Arms and headed back to Ruthin, the day was over cast but bright and rather windy. We passed through Ruthin and joined the A5 at Cerrigydrudion. We headed North West up the A5 passing through Pentrefoelas taking in the fantastic Welsh scenery.One through Pentrefoelas then passed through Betws-y-Coed which was busy with tourists, not doubt wondering where all these Cavalier and Chevette’s (and Calibra) had come from.Once at Capel Curig we turned onto the A4086 and passed Llynnau Mymbyr (Llyn is Welsh for Lake) and the Nant Gwyrd river. The road then forked and we took the right fork the A4086 the left fork being the A498 which went to Llyn Gwynant the Llyn (lake) used in the Cavalier Mk1 brochure featuring Richard Watt’s Cavalier Mk1 1900 GL LOU 848P.And now the journey began, we entered the Llanderis pass noting Snowdon on the left hand side shrouded in cloud. Here the scenery became very rugged with rocks and boulders on either side of the road and the large mountain either side as we drove up the valley. Then onto Llyn Padarn and Coed Dinorwig home of Electric Mountain the 1,728 megawatts pumped-storage hydroelectric power which is located deep inside the mountain Elidir Fawr. From here we passed through Llanrug and Pontrug and on into Caernarfon where we formed up into display on The Maes (maes is Welsh for area) at midday next to the stunning Caernarfon Castle. Queen Elizabeth II formally invests The Prince of Wales with the Prince of Wales coronet at Caernarfon Castle in 1969. No sooner had we parked the cars as we were greeted by a chap from the National Press Association who took details of the Cars and the Club and took lots of pictures. Stand by for a further update on this. We had lots of interest in the cars and many photos were taken. Soon it was 4pm and joinery back. But before we left there was a presentation no one knew was going to happen by Richard and Sue Watt who presented Jane Miller with the Bob Watt Memorial Trophy for 2015 for dedication to the Cavalier Mk1 and the Club. This is normally presented at Billing each year but an exception was made this year due to Jane not attending. Soon it was time to leave, just before we all got in our cars Bryan said to everyone to keep tight together to avoid missing any turns. This is where it gets interesting, as everyone was leaving my Calibra decided it wanted to stop a bit longer. The key would not turn in the ignition barrel and I was to be the last car to leave. It was at this point Steve Clarke noticed what was happening as he was the penultimate car and he jumped out to offer assistance. No matter what we tried the key would not turn, Steve had some 3 in 1 spray but unfortunately it had run out however I had some in the boot but without the pipe you attached to it, so Steve gave me his. I sprayed some in but nothing. So I advised Steve there was no point him waiting as I was then going to call the RAC and Bryan to advise what was happening. The RAC said they would be 1hr 30mins, I then spoke to Bryan who I advised what was happening and I would call with a further update. I also had my mum Pat in the car and Richard’s mum Sue. We talked through all different scenarios ranging from stopping in the hotel on the Maes overnight to getting a train at Chester back to Milton Keynes. It was at that point I thought of calling John Ankerman of the VBOA as I know he has a Calibra and may have a had the same problem as me in the past. John advised to spray a bit more 3 in 1 in the barrel and to keep working the key. He also suggested a few other thing as well. A little while later the barrel freed itself. I tested everything and we were back to normal, I then cancelled the RAC, called John to thank him for his assistance, (thanks also to Steve Clarke for his assistance) and called Bryan to advise the problem was solved. Bryan had stopped the convoy at a suitable location and I advise him and Richard I was back up and running and that I was going to head back to Ruthin the quick way. e made our way back to the A5 via Bethel and Tregarth and down the A5 arriving in the end at the Drovers Arms 20mins late to a round of cheers and applause. We had an excellent meal at the Drovers Arms and Bryan thanked everyone for attending the event and Vince Poole thanked Bryan on behalf of everyone for organising an excellent 30th White Griffin Run. Soon it was then time to leave and head home. Many thanks to Bryan and Marie Wilcox for organising an excellent event. Runners Where: Bryan and Marie Wilcox, Jack and Irene Dawson, Jane Miller, Vince Poole, Mal and Julie Docherty, Steve Clarke, Paul, Arthur and Alice Ellson, Richard, Beth and Sue Watt, Brandon Smith, Kevin and Pat Bricknall, Peter Norrish, Jo Winks and Martin Costello and Kevin and Sarah on a BSA M20 Motorbike. Kevin Bricknall (602)