Cadet Membership

For the Future Generation of Cavalier and Chevette Owners.
Welcome to the Cavalier and Chevette Club
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Cadet Membership has been created so that younger people with an interest in Vauxhall Cavalier’s, Vauxhall Chevette’s and associated models can get involved in Classic Cars. We’re not trying to segregate the club into young and old far from it. We are trying to encourage more young people to go and purchase a Vauxhall Cavalier or Vauxhall Chevette in order to help protect the future of these car’s and introduce a new generation to Classic Car Ownership. You don’t have to own a Cavalier or Chevette or even have to have passed your driving test to be a member, just an interest in the car’s is sufficient. So, if you are aged 25 years or younger then you are welcome to join the Cadet Membership. Please find below a summary of the membership. Cadet membership – Eligibility: Any person under 25 will be eligible for Cadet Membership. Under 18 years of age, potential members must provide written parental/guardian consent to join. Parental/Guardian consent must accompany the membership form in the form of a letter from the parent/guardian. Social Media: Under 18 years of age and above 13 years of age, parental consent is required to join social media – see above. By law, no one under 13 years of age can use social media. This does not apply to the Club Forum, as it is a closed group. Any Cadet member can use the Club Forum. Cost: Is £15 per annum, starting from the date of joining and running for 12 months. Magazine: Due to the lower cost of Cadet Membership, and recognising the tastes of the younger demographic, the Club’s Magazine will go as electronic copy only to Cadet Members. Voting: No Cadet Member shall be eligible to vote in person or in a postal ballot (due to the difficulty of verifying the Member’s age). Summary of the Cadet Membership Package:- Reduced membership fee of £15.00 p.a. Membership Card with unique Cavalier and Chevette Club Cadet Member Logo Window sticker with unique Cavalier and Chevette Club Cadet Member Logo Access to the Club Members Only Forum Electronic Magazine No voting rights. For the Membership Form please click here to download Clubs Rules and Constitution can be viewed here