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Cavalier Mk1 Where it all started the Cavalier Mk1, launched in 1975 with the Wayne Cherry Droop Snoot nose. Click below to read further information and learn how the car was nearly the FD Viva.
Cavalier Mk2 The 1980’s arrived and so did the Cavalier Mk2. Very popular on the Fleet Market the Cavalier Mk2 was very successful for Vauxhall. Click below for further information.
Cavalier Mk3 The Future, Now went the launch advert for the Cavalier Mk3 in 1988. A very popular company car in the 1990’s and it’s greatest sucess was winning the 1995 British Touring Car Championship in the hands of John Cleland. Click below to red more.
Calibra A Launched in 1989 with the advert that said Vauxhall’s stunning Start to the Nineties the Calibra based on the Cavalier Mk3 was one of the best looking and most aero dynamic Coupes on the market. Click below for further information.
Vectra B The Cavalier Mk3 was a hard act for the Vectrea B to follow. A certain Top Gear presenter’s review of the car didnt help at the start of production. However after a facelift and a few revisions the car improved. Did you know the car was to be called the Cavalier Mk4 but a change in naming policy dictated it was called Vectra B. Click below to read more.
Opel Manta B The Manta B was the Coupe and Sports Hatch version of the Ascona B and was very simlar to teh Cavalier Mk1 Coupe and Sportshatch. However where as the Cavalier Mk1 versions stoped at the end of Cavalier Mk1 production the Manta in revised form carried on till 1988. Click below to read more.
Opel Ascona B The Opel Ascona B was Opel’s version of the Cavalier Mk1. Also sold in the UK at the time as Opel dealers were also up till around the early 1980’s also in the UK and competed with Vauxhall Dealers for Sales. Click below to read more.
Opel Ascona C The Ascona C was the European version of the Cavalier Mk2. A number of differences in specification between this and the UK version. Did you know that teh European car in some markets had heated seats and stop strt technology? I thought not. Click below for further information.
Opel Vectra A The Vectra name was being used in Europe for the Cavalier Mk3 but we only got the name Vectra in the UK in 1995 for the Vectra B. The Vectra A had minor specification changes and different special edition names. Click below for further information.
Opel Vectra B The Vectra B had a tough act to follow in the Vectra A (Cavalier Mk3). Still a very popular Fleet car and there was a number of sporty models we didnt get in the UK like the Vectra B i500. Click below for more information.
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