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Information on the Vauxhall Cavalier MK1
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Cavalier Mk1 Saloon 1975-1981 The U car programme was, at least on the surface, a second attempt by General Motors to produce a "world car" the first being the T car (Vauxhall Chevette / Opel Kadett C). Click below to read more.
Cavalier Mk1 Coupe 1975-1978 At first the Cavalier Mk1 Coupe was a 1.9 GL. The interior was finished in cloth trim and the seats and door pads were either in black, beige, blue or red. Click below to read more.
Cavalier Mk1 SportHatch 1978-1981 The Cavalier Sportshatch was a wholly designed Luton car, the whole concept of a “Sports Hatch” was something that had been simmering within the Vauxhall Styling Department since the late 1960s. Click below to read more.
Cavalier Mk1 Centaur 1978-1981 Late in 1976 the Luton Design studio had produced a concept mock-up of a Cavalier Convertible based on the Coupe body- shell Click below to read more.
Cavalier Mk1 Special Editions LS, Silver Special and The Command Performance were special editions of the Cavalier Mk1. The Command Performance launched with a road show featuring Ted Rodgers of TV Games Show 321 Fame. Click below to read more.
Cavalier Mk1 in Continental Europe If you think the Cavalier Mk1 was just a UK modle then think again. Up till 1981 Vauxhall Cars were sold in Continental Europe along side Opel. Click below to read more.