Opel Ascona B

1975 - 1981
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The second generation Opel Ascona B was presented in the 1975 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was available as a two or four-door sedan. There were related two and three-door coupé models in the Opel Manta range. There was no estate body. The Ascona B retained the same engine range as its predecessor, although the 1.9 L was increased to 2.0 L in 1978, and versions with higher compression ratio and needing 98 octane gas, dubbed S, were available alongside the 90 octane models. The 2.0 E model had a Bosch L-Jetronic electronic fuel injection, and a 2.0 L diesel motor was added to the Ascona B range in 1978. Engine range was larger than that of the Vauxhall Cavalier though not all engines were available in the UK. Over 1.2 million Ascona B units were produced worldwide until 1981. i2000 and 400. The Opel Ascona B i2000 and Ascona B 400 are Rally Homologation Specials. Please see the Motor Sport section for further information.