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VBOA 2017 Billing 2016 Report Billing 2015 Report Billing 2014 Report Billing 2013 Report Billing 2012 Report Billing 2011 Report Billing 2010 Report Friday 13th July We set off as usual in Lou and Clementine there was Richard, Beth, Brandon, Sue & Charlie. Upon arriving at billing we started to get set up no sooner had we started and Simon Downs arrived in his press fleet cavalier mk3. Simon started helping us with the gazebo’s , bunting etc, and soon it was our chance for a quick wonder around the clubs. Members present on Friday was: Richard Watt – Cavalier Mk1 – Lou Beth Watt – Cavalier Mk1 – Clementine Simon Downs – Cavalier Mk3 & Opel Commordore A Jason Callear – Cavalier Mk1 Steven Forde – Cavalier Mk1 John Proctor – Cavalier Mk1 – Silver Special Dave Cole – Motorbike Peter and David Norrish – Chevette (Oldest ) Mark Sweetman – Cavalier Mk2 - Estate Andrew Waite – Ford Escort Mk3 Jo & Martin Winks – Chevette Alan Norrie – Opel Commordore B Saturday 14th July We’ll all Friday evening it rained hard and fast and come 4am this morning, The organiser for billing John Ankerman came round the club stands waking everybody up as the whole site had flooded, well this caused a lot of people to start packing up their belongings and moving there cars to a safer place, we of course started to take things down gazebo’s, bunting etc, all club members helped to dismantle the club stand before we departed back to our homes, I would just like to say a few special thanks: Kevin Bricknall – For contacting all the long distance club members who was arriving on Saturday, and also for doing all the club certificates and much much more. Mark Sweetman who went all the way home to bring back his very rare Cavalier MK2 Estate for the club. Simon Downs, Andrew Waite & Dave Cole for staying and helping dismantle the club stand in the worst possible weather. Sadly the 30th anniversary didn’t really get started and once I got home, I called all the club members who had booked in with us to let them know that billing had been abandoned. Also everybody who donated some items for the raffle, which will take now take place billing 2013. I would also like to thank: Peter & David Norrish – For travelling so far in their stunning Chevette. Jo & Martin Winks – Also for coming all the way from north Wales in their Chevette. Alan Norrie – Alan travelled all the way from Scotland in his very rare Opel commodore b. John Proctor – Who travelled all the way from northern Ireland to be with us. Marilyn & Colin Scott – Who sadly only managed to get to Wales but to be fair I think Charlie & Robbie knew something like this was going to happen and didn’t want to travel much further. Once again I need to thank Beth & Brandon for supporting me during the last 6 months planning this event. So Billing ended with a sudden departure of cars and caravans however let’s get ready for Billing 2013. The date for Billing 2013 is as follows: Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 2013 All The Best Richard Watt Billing 2012 may have been cancelled due to the weather but Kevin Bricknall's Cavalier Mk3 Diplomat made it to Billing on a sunnier day in May 2012.

Billing 2012