Bedford Chevanne

1976 - 1984
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Vauxhall Motor subsidiary Bedford Vehicles introduced a small commercial vehicles in 1976 based on the Vauxhall Chevette called the Bedford Chevanne. It was intended at the time as a replacement for the Bedford HA however in the end the two sold along side each other. It had the same 1.3 (1256cc) engine as the Chevette and also the Bedford HA and a 3-speed automatic transmission was also available and on the these models the van included a heavy duty battery, heaver duty front suspension, better carpeting and a higher compression engine. There were various other proposal’s for Chevanne models, a Pick-up, High Roof Van, and a Hatch van based on the 3-door Hatchback Chevette. Another proposal was for a Low-Spec Bedford Chevanne with various items deleted. This did enter production as the last picture below shows.