Vauxhall Chevette - New Zealand

1976 - 1981
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The Chevette was also assembled in New Zealand between 1976 and 1981 at the Upper Hut factory and used locally made seats and some items of trim. All body styles that were available in the UK were sold.It’s worth noting that at the time the Isuzu Gemini was also in sale in New Zealand. The Gemini was also based on the T-Car Platform.The Vauxhall 1.3L (from the Viva and Magnum) was the standard engine unit for all Chevette models.Most models were of GL specification and all had metric instrumentation. A lower-level trim Chevanne commercial fleet model was also offered, however unlike the European models it used the estate's body shell - complete with side windows - and was badged as a Vauxhall.In 1979 the New Zealand Chevette had a mechanical update unseen on the European models, when it gained Holden-developed Radial Tuned Suspension. This resulted in the entire Chevette range being re-suspended on wider tyres, and tuned suspension, giving the car superior handling over its rivals.Production of the New Zealand Chevette ceased in June 1981, when it was replaced by the Holden Gemini, which for the New Zealand market had initially been sold as an Isuzu in the mid-1970s and then been dropped before making an early-80's comeback.Chevette in New Zealand Road Test.