NEC Classic Motor Show 2013

NEC Birmingham November 2013
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This years show was larger than 2012. This was the first NEC I have organised since taking over from Bryan Wilcox and I would like to thank Bryan for the work he has done over the years. The club was allocated a 6 car Club stand. Cars on display at the show were, Cavalier Mk1 LS, Cavalier Mk1 GLS Sportshatch, Cavalier Mk2 Saloon, Cavalier Mk3 Hatchback, Silver Aero and The Vauxhall Heritage Centre’s Chevette which they kindly loaned to us for the show. The Cavalier Mk1’s belonged to Vince Poole and Phil Scaife. Vince with OPF 10W 4-door Saloon the only remaining 2.0 litre LS Cavalier Mk1. Phil with FIL 7342 which is a very nice 1.6 GLS Sportshatch. Dave Boon brought along LNK 270V “Silver Aero” which is the 2.4 Litre Turbo Charged Sportshatch prototype which was designed by Wayne Cherry and was displayed at the NEC Motor show in 1980. Dave has recently had Aero repainted back into two shades of Silver and has had the black side skirts and front spoiler refitted. Re-adding these transformed the car and it was stunning. Keith and Shirley Richardson brought along A538 GBF there China Blue Cavalier Mk2 which is a stunning example of an early Mk2 Cavalier. We were celebrating 25 Years of the Mk3 Cavalier this year and Simon Down’s brought along F901 RLR his 1.6 L Hatchback which is one of the first Cavalier Mk3’s to be produced. The car is in a non-standard colour of Beige which worked well in black and white photographs which were still being taken in 1988!!! Last but by no means least Vauxhall Heritage very kindly loaned us there Vauxhall Chevette L Hatchback RGM 996Y which is a very low mileage 1983 car and was very kindly driven by club member Mark Sweetman. The club stand attracted a lot of people over the three days. Ian Coomber the Chairman of the V.B.O.A was a special guest on the stand on the Sunday. Ian was Director of Fleet Operations at Vauxhall at the time of the launch of Cavalier Mk3. Ian had a close look at the Mk3 along with all the other cars on the stand and had his photo taken with the car and Simon. He also tried out Vince’s Mk1. The Club would like to say a big thank you to Ian and his Wife Margaret for attending. The Club Stand Team:-Vince Poole, Richard and Beth Watt, Keith and Shirley Richardson, Simon Down’s, Mark and Gillian Sweetman, Dave Boon, Phil Scaife, Bryan Wilcox and Kevin Bricknall.Members Visiting:-Peter Norrish, David Norrish, Simon Currin, Jack Dawson, Claire Usher, Martin Holloway, Sue Hewitt, Bob Urwin, Fred Coombs, Graham with the Mk2 Escort and Simon who owned the Senator Police Car. And a special thanks for Ian and Margaret Coomber. Apologies if I have missed anyone out. I know that a lot of personal expense and effort is put in by everyone involved in making the event a success, so big thank you must go to everyone. How Richard and Beth managed fit everything in their Astra Convertible I will never know or how I managed to fit 4 people in to my Opel Manta plus luggage. Kevin Bricknall (602)