VBOA Rally 2017

Market Harborough July 2017
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Well the first VBOA National Rally held at Market Harborough Show Ground was a success in my opinion. We had a good turnout of Club Members and a good selection of cars representing the Club. The Club Awards winners are below. Cavalier Mk.1 Saloon - Richard Watt Coupe - Colin Scott Cavalier Mk.2 Saloon - Kevin Bricknall Hatch - Mark Sweetman Convertible - Gary Williams Cavalier Mk.3 Saloon - Graham Meakes Hatch - Gary Williams ChevetteSaloon - Paul Ellson Best Guest- Kaol Sweetman (Vauxhall Omega) Bob Watt Memorial Award - Colin Scott Lady Owner/Driver Award - Marilyn Scott **Mr.Ankerman's Choice Award - Phil Scaife Club Stand Winner, Chairman's Cup Entry - Kevin Bricknall **Phil Scaife was awarded the cup for Mr. Ankerman's Choice (formerly Mr. Billing's Choice) in recognition of his outstanding efforts in commentating on the Chairman's Cup. He is, of course, far too modest to mention this in his report on Page 6. I would like to thank all Club members for once again making the VBOA National Rally a success, special mention to all those that donated items for the Club Auction and I have been made aware that the Club Auction made over £300.00 so well done everyone, also special thanks to our Club Auction hosts Marilyn and Colin Scott.Richard Watt (352)As you probably know the VBOA National Rally moved from Billing to the Market Harborough Show Ground for 2017, the show being organised in conjunction with LMF Vauxhall. Being the first year of the show at the new venue, and LMF being new to the event, everyone was on a steep learning curve. However, the event came together on the weekend of the 8th and 9th July. As always, Richard Watt had a well-planned layout for our Stand and we had a great number of cars in attendance. The weather was kind to us, it was hot Hot HOT. The show was officially opened by Dennis Chick, the Communications Director for Vauxhall on the Saturday. Later in the day we had the judging by members of the best cars on our stand. And Saturday night we had Colin and Marilyn Scott superbly running the Club Auction. Also in the evening, LMF had organised a live band to play down in the main arena. On Sunday, we had the judging for the car that was to be entered in the Chairman's Cup. My Cavalier Calibre was picked and I was honoured to represent the Club in the Chairman's Cup. Commentary for the Chairman's Cup was superbly provided by our Club Member Phil Scaife. I also (after a fair few years of trying) managed to come top of the Racing Aces Simulator Lapboard and have won tickets to next year's Performance Vauxhall. For the first year at a new venue I think the event went very well. There were,as you would expect at a new venue, a few teething issues that came up and were sorted out accordingly. No doubt a lot was learnt in this first year by LMF, and should the event continue at this location no doubt there are a number of things that will be changed. I would like to say on behalf of the Club a big thank you to: LMF Vauxhall, the VBOA, John Ankerman, Richard Watt, Beth Watt, Colin and Marilyn Scott for running the Auction, and Phil Scaife for commentating during the Chairman's Cup. Kevin Bricknall (602) Well, a new venue for this year's VBOA National Rally proved, I think, to be a success, despite some first-year nerves. Considering that our VBOA Committee consists of so few people to organise such a massive event, I guess they were extremely grateful for the assistance of LMF Vauxhall who stepped in to provide the venue, marketing and security of the site this year. Okay, you may say, they'll get the 'profit' from a cost standpoint, but, they're as passionate about VBOA as we are, so I think that negates that as it will help with provision of more basic things next year. So, we had a few teething problems with toilets and washbasins; we have to bear in mind that Market Harborough Showground is a converted/disused WW2 airfield with the old barracks now a medium security prison a mile away behind security fences, but still a blank canvas nevertheless. After being used to the Billing site for 37 years having modern(ish) facilities, yes, we'd appreciate a couple more washbasins/toilets/showers = portakabins located around the area near us campers, with the portaloo type left near public access areas. This should help quell the unfortunate drawings that some toilets had inside by hooligans overnight trying to spoil the event. This means better security needed? Well, for the first time we had a closed site accessed by pre-booked pass with 24 hour guards doing a great job - we even had our photo taken upon arrival, how's that for ID.!Moving on, we had a fairly decent autojumble with established and new sellers to the event, and different local trades bringing their wares to sell, which made a change from the usual Billing stock. Having spoken to several, they'd said they'd had a good weekend and would be happy to return next year once the VBOA announce the date. We also had the parade ring where the Club once again showed our cars, and although the interviewer left a bit to desired in the knowledge department, he was un-fazed when owners politely corrected him on their car's details, the assembled watchers did enjoy that part! And No, it wasn't Ian Coomber this year, he was having a well-deserved break for a change to enjoy the event. I was asked, and was happy to do, the commentary for the Chairman's Cup: only 17 out of 33 Clubs entered their "Best of the Best" cars for the competition. Perhaps the Tannoy wasn't heard by those located at the extremities of the site - it was that large - and this year the Tannoy was provided by Harborough Radio FM 102.3, doing a great job with music and commentary throughout both days - they may even do certain parts live-to-air next year, including the Chairman's Cup- DON'T YOU DARE MR CHAIRMAN! With the site being the aforementioned blank canvas, it was commented that we'd lost the use of fixed buildings. VBOA had a decent sized marquee, but probably another one alongside it would be needed had we been forced to "Show Indoors if Wet", but I never used any at Billing as evening entertainment was a 'noggin & natter' with the Club. We could have fitted inside our hospitality tent or the visiting camper van had the weather turned wet, but we were rewarded with two glorious days of sunshine, and I need a bigger hat as my cap didn't cover my ear tops which got a little burnt on the Sunday.So to summarise, Still a Great Show, Still a Great Club, Still a Good Site (to be made better next year), Still Organised Well - Thank You Richard - Great Job! , and Still Great People who turn up in their cars to make the event what it is, a Great Weekend! See you all Next Year, Phil Scaife (514)